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Steps To Better Video
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Steps To Better Video

Video Page Designs

mOve Customizes All Page Design Elements

mOve - Video Technology

100% of every mOve video page design is customized to your exact website needs, including individual video player controls (such as sound on/off, play/pause, hide/show text, full screen mode on/off, etc), multi-video playlist, or video slideshows and much more

Video Player Controls

mOve Customizes All Video Player Controls

mOve - Video Technology

mOve video technology adjusts all video player controls to be customized, for sound, play/pause, navigation and screen presentation options to allow for an optimal brand viewing experience

Video Plays From Your Server

mOve Video Always Benefits Your SEO

mOve - Video Technology

mOve video technology is always designed into your website and is always hosted within your website, which results in all SEO benefits to your site, not a third party video player provider that hosts your videos and then pulls, or frames it into your website

Video Administration Software

mOve Technology Allows Internal Video Control

mOve - Video Technology

mOve installs video administration software into your website content management system (CMS) to allow for full internal control of all various video settings, video conversion and search engine optimization (SEO)

The Most Advanced Website Video Solution

mOve Allows 100% Custom Designs With Advanced Functions

MobileDrive Revenue

mOve video player designs are customized for small mobile screens and various device specific controls

Speed DetectionBuild Impressions

mOve technology senses specific device connection speeds and delivers optimized video files for best video performance

CDNIncrease Advocates

A high-quality Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to ensure consistent page load times and superior video playback quality, no matter what part of the country a site visitor is in, every time!

Repeat PlayMotivate Employees

mOve technology can recognize a returning site visitor and play a new video for second, third, etc repeat visits for a fresh site experience

Geo-LocationGenerate B2B Growth

mOve technology can determine a site visitors geographic location and deliver a video specific to their precise location