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only user controlled video technology

[mobile first adaptive website designs]

Video Technology Panel 1

fully customized video page designs

[no one else can create these experiences]

Video Technology Panel 2

"framed in" video players have fixed designs

Video Technology Panel 2

mOve video players are 100% custom

video page designs

[customize all page design elements to your exact website requirements]

Video Technology Panel 3

video player controls

[customize all video player controls to your design specifications]

Video Technology Panel 4

video plays from your server

[which results in all SEO benefits to your business]

Video Technology Panel 5

video admin & analytics software

[technology allows internal video control of updates & analytics]

Video Technology Panel 6
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the most advanced
website video solution

[allows 100% custom designs
with advanced functions]

Speed DetectionBuild Impressions

Technology senses specific device connection speeds and delivers optimized video files for best video performance

Repeat PlayMotivate Employees

Technology can recognize a returning site visitor and play a new video for second, third, etc repeat visits for a fresh site experience

Geo-LocationGenerate B2B Growth

Technology can determine a site visitors geographic location and deliver a video specific to their precise location

Time Triggered CalloutsDrive Revenue

Allows for copy call-outs to be displayed at pre-set video time marks