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Why mOve?

Innovations, Technologies & Solutions Only From mOve

mOve - Our Services

mOve has developed website innovations, technologies & solutions that are unique, proprietary and only available from mOve. Our Complimentary Competitor Website Reviews, Lead Generation program and Website Warranty - all offer superior value to our clients that are not available from other website firms

Complimentary Competitor Review

Limited Time Prospective Client Offer

mOve has a unique methodology to research a potential client’s competitor websites, to allow for the determination of the optimal direction for a new website. The reviews cover numerous factors, including – design, messaging, navigation, user interface (UI), functionality, technical factors, quality and much more. The end result is a highly informative presentation (by phone & online) and a written report. This is a genuine complimentary offer for a company that is planning on building a new website

Watch the Competitor Review Film

Watch the Complimentary Review Film

Lead Generation

Custom Created Forms & Applications

mOve builds websites that deliver business results and often that means lead generation for our clients. mOve is expert at designing anything needed from highly effective contact forms to custom website applications, that can allow for site visitors to use secure sections of a website, with full custom analytics and tracking capabilities available

Watch the Lead Generation Film

Watch the Lead Generation Film

Website Warranty Only From mOve

Quality Assured & Guaranteed Website Development

mOve builds websites that are “built right the first time” and we provide a no cost warranty, that backs-up that promise. The philosophy behind our website warranty program is simple. Your website will work as originally designed for one year – Guaranteed*. Only those who build websites this well would dare to protect it this comprehensively and offer such an extensive no cost service package

Watch the Quality Standards Film

Watch the Quality Standards Film

*Terms & Conditions apply

Website Hosting Simplified

mOve Sets Up Effortless Hosting On Every Website

mOve - Our Services

mOve makes website vendor hosting selection, set-up and launch easy and effortless. We take care of all details on behalf of each client from the start of the project to taking the website live. This is all included within the project scope. Every client has direct and full control over the site at all times and will 100% own and manage the new website

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Need Ongoing Help?

mOve Support Programs Are Customized To Your Exact Needs

mOve - Our Services

All mOve websites are built in a client centric user friendly CMS – Content Management System, allowing any client to update all content – copy, images, video, etc. without reliance on mOve. We also provide ongoing support to many of our clients, who don’t have the resources, or desire to do this themselves. We also provide support for website enhancements and upgrades

mOve does not have unfriendly set, or fixed support packages, or monthly fees that a client will loose, if they don’t use it. We have a simple set hourly rate support agreement and if you decide to put this agreement in place, you will only be charged for actual work requested and performed

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