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[new era] Video Technology Only From mOve

May 16th, 2017 - mOve, today has launched an upgraded version of it’s [new era] video website technology, which is proprietary to mOve and allows for the dramatic presentation of high definition (HD) video on any website page and is customized to a client's own requirements & specifications.

The video can be full or partial screen and/or an embedded video player, and marketers can pick and choose from a wide variety of video design and presentation experiences, and much more. Commenting on the launch, Les Kocsis, CEO of mOve, stated, "Having dramatic video on your website is the 'silver bullet' for improving your sites performance". In addition, the technology is installed in a client's own CMS – Content Management System, to allow for easy and simple internal client management of video updates to continually maintain a website with highly engaging video content.

For a complimentary assessment & recommendation for your site, please contact mOve.